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Introducing Our

Law Firm

We are a family owned law firm in a small town in east Tennessee. Don't let those facts fool you - we pride ourselves on advocating for individuals, families, and small businesses regardless of the issue or who might be on the other side.


Common Areas of Practice


Criminal Law

We have successfully defended individuals charged with murder to less serious felonies and misdemeanors. If you are charged with a crime it is the most serious matter regardless of what the charge is or may be.


Civil Rights

The government does not have unlimited right and power to intrude into your life or your family. Our office investigates and litigates government violations in the federal courts for wrongful arrests, police brutality, conditions of confinement in local jails, and illegal removals of children by DCS. Know your rights.


Family Law

Since 1996, our founding attorney has been advising families faced with the pain and uncertainty of divorce or custody litigation. Sometimes agreements just can't be reached and going to court is the only solution. But if you can agree, take a look at our low cost family legal clinic that can help you with legalizing your agreement.


Elder Law

We can help you plan how to preserve your hard earned money and assets. But if you need help now when medicare and medicaid won't pay for needed services or wanting to take your assets in exchange for healthcare, we can help you navigate the red tape. We can assist with conservatorships, powers of attorney and trusts depending on your situation.



The days of the big firms are in the past for today's legal professionals. More and more attorneys are practicing as solo practitioners or in small firms. We provide trial consulting, jury selection consulting, and appellate brief writing as some of our services to other attorneys and firms to provide the best possible result while maintaining the relationship with lawyer and client. We also offer low cost CLE opportunities and maintain a blog for legal professionals only.

The time is always right to do what is right.

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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