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I am an ordinary person that found herself in not so ordinary situations. I have decided to combine those two facts, embracing both the good and the bad. In doing so I have an extraordinary life! Never a person who liked controversy, I would remain silent hoping truth and goodness would prevail. For me, truth & goodness must have thought we were playing the the quiet game! They stayed quiet, forcing me to fight.. I have faced having the most precious people ripped from me with no validity in the reasons why! I have had men who "loved me" try and remove me from my life. Until I stood and fought for myself nothing could change! I have rights equal to anyone else and deserve to have those recognized! I now am working on projects that will help others realize they have rights and their rights as well as them are valid and worth fighting for. The people (our government officials) we hired and put in charge (elected) are seeming to have gone rouge & need to be reeled in. A native of Jefferson County, Tennessee most of my life, I now reside in West Knoxville.

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