Our Fees

Most cases are paid for based upon an hourly rate set by the attorney doing work on your case. You will be asked for a retainer fee to secure payment for those legal services depending on the type of case. We do offer payment plans for established clients and automated online billing. Contact us today for more information!

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Online Initial Consultation

You can now consult with one of our attorneys online and if you hire the firm within 30 days on that matter the consultation is free! It's simple to do - just fill out the consultation form, pay online with a credit card and join our site as a member. You can choose between a short chat session, a formal opinion letter or video call. We will schedule your consultation within 24 hours or give you a full refund.

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In Person Initial Consultation

We offer free in-person initial consultations.

Document Preparation

We can help you with routine preparation of legal documents and have a schedule of fees for most matters.