Lawyer Reviews

Our firm has started working on our internet presence, hence this website! We couldn't help but notice all of the rating systems out there that purported to rate lawyers. So here's the problem - one of the most sacred parts of being a lawyer is keeping your client's secrets. Lawyers should have their client's back no matter what happens. Often a court record will be reviewed to reveal a scathing motion by an attorney to withdraw as counsel for an individual detailing all of the problems with the professional relationship and bad behavior on the part of the client from the lawyer's perspective. Of course, the client can't respond or usually doesn't anyway. That doesn't seem fair, does it? So online reviews area very similar - a client is unhappy with the result in their case which may or may not be the lawyer's fault and they post a google review or facebook comment for all the world to see. But the lawyer shouldn't respond - they could probably, but to tell the whole story they would likely have to publish private information about the client. So the reviews just sit out there and unless the lawyer wants to sue the client for injunctive relief or money damages - which is also fraught with peril - what should an attorney do to protect his or her reputation? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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