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03. Divorce & Custody

The end of a marriage

It's never an easy decision to end a marriage. Whether you have been served with divorce papers or considering that a divorce is on the horizon, our attorneys are here to help you.  Call today for your free consultation.


Children are the light of our lives and the future of our communities. Advocating for their best interest is what we do. We work with parents, grandparents and others in contested custody litigation to ensure the best possible futures for the youngsters involved.

Dividing property

Years of hard work can be lost in a divorce. Between the law that requires division of property and debt, attorney fees, litigation costs and your valuable time, a lifetime of work and saving can simply evaporate. Our attorneys advise you of the potential costs of contested litigation and are ready to litigate the issues important to you.


It's impossible to know if a lawyer is right for you from the internet alone. Every town is filled with attorneys advertising that they handle divorce and custody cases and most will handle a case well. But are they the lawyer for you? We pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know our clients and making it possible for our clients to get to know us.

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Divorce and custody matters are billed based upon the hourly rate of the responsible attorney. Call us today and discover the best attorney for you.